The latest game presented by novomatic. A phoenix game is a type of game where the phoenix is ​​the main character in the game. Has a bright game screen and beautiful colors in every game symbol. There are many winning opportunities that gamers can get in the phoenix game. The game has 5 reels accompanied by a flaming phoenix.

There are 50 types of game combination wins that you can get while playing this game. This type of game that brings good luck has a high game level so that many gamers like and are challenged to play the phoenix game. The phoenix game is a game that has a cool Asian theme.

Amazing phoenix and symbol game

Strehler – In the story of the phoenix, a beautiful bird that guards and leads in every game victory. In legend the phoenix is ​​the symbol of a strong and mighty queen. The presence of the phoenix will make the world in an uproar about the power and greatness of the phoenix. To find out more games, you can see the game info.

Game info on the game screen so gamers don’t need to press info again. Many types of symbols and the number of values ​​that gamers can get, even the steps to win the game can be obtained by looking at game info. To recognize it will be mentioned the form of the game symbol, namely:

– the old man who has a game winning value with the number of symbols 3, 4, and 5 will get a value of 23, 100, and 300.

– Phoenixbirds with a number of 2, 3, 4, and 5 have a value of 1, 25, 300, and 1,000

– Phoenixfeathers and claws will also score a sum of 3, 4, and 5 which is 20, 50, and 150 points.

– The letters A, and K have the same value with the same number 3, 4, and 5 are worth 10, 25, and 100.

– Q, J, and 10 3 signs that will give a value with the number of symbols 3, 4, and 5 giving a value of 1, 20, and 75

– Scatter comes from fire phoenixegg which gives 12 free spins. If gamers get the same 3 scatters, they will get free spins and a value of 100 coins.

– The phoenix token gives a phoenix bonus

– Wild will replace all game symbols except scatter and phoenixspin.

the great power of the phoenix//strong

Low and high scores

With the explanation of the symbol, it can be seen that the highest value is in thephoenix. As for low values, you can get playing cards A, K, Q, J, and 10. However, gamers don’t need to worry because there are still scatters ready to give free spins and bonuses fromphoenix eyes. When a phoenix eye is present and next to a wild, gamers will get the same 4 wilds vertically.

Which wild will stop or lock so as not to spin and the other reels will spin and give the same sign if you are lucky to get a value. Getting 2 free spins scatters will be activated immediately and will get as many as 12 free spins. The game background will change to a fire egg. During free spins, if gamers get the same scatter, they will get additional free spins again. The game will stop when the game credits run out so gamers have to add more game bets.